At Coolest, we believe that Life's Better Outside™ when we spend time with friends and family. We love to have fun and our unique, innovative products are designed to enhance the outdoor experience.


One summer at a San Diego beach party, a gas weed whacker engine and a retired car stereo were united around an old cooler to create the ultimate outdoor party-starter. Inspired by this experience, we set out to perfect the design and bring the product to market so everyone could join the party. The Coolest Cooler was born!

A Crowdfunding Phenomenon

In the Spring of 2014, the Coolest Cooler was launched on Kickstarter. The campaign went viral and broke the record for the biggest crowdfunding campaign of all time. People all over the world fell in love with the idea of a high quality cooler with outrageously fun features, and we committed to build a Coolest Cooler that could live up to it's name! Our Kickstarter journey has had it's ups and downs, but the feedback from proud owners is nearly unanimous…the Coolest Cooler make's Life Better Outside.

Following our Kickstarter campaign and whirlwind media tour, the hard work of building the Coolest Cooler and a company to support it began. The challenges of going from an idea to producing tens of thousands of coolers a year were intense and expensive. 

Startup costs for design, engineering, tooling, and frankly everything, were higher than estimated and at the end of the day, the Coolest Cooler cost significantly more to manufacture and ship than was initially projected and more than all the Kickstarter funds combined. 

After fulfilling over 20,000 backer awards, the Kickstarter funds were exhausted and the company was at a crossroads. Unwilling to give up, we began selling products at retail in 2016 to generate the extra money needed to get every remaining Backer their reward. 

The Coolest Cooler would not exist as you see it today without the amazing support of our Kickstarter Backers, and we're committed to doing whatever it takes to reach our ultimate goal and get every Backer who brought this cooler to life the reward they deserve. 

As of January 2018, we have fulfilled over 40,000 Backers, and every product sold helps get us a little closer to making this goal a reality. 

Thank you Backers for your continued patience and support! 


Quite a bit has changed but the mission remains. 


We are a small team of creators and doers that are dedicated to making the most innovative and unique products in the outdoor industry. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and we are passionate about our work and play. We are not limited by our job titles so on any given day, the whole team might unload a container, work a trade show, or help quickly ship new orders. We are determined and adaptive, we learn from our mistakes, we celebrate our successes and we are grateful for our amazing backers and customers. It is our goal to help everyone spend more time outdoors with those they love because Life's Better Outside, and we rise to that challenge each and every day.